Khorasan Miner construction industry, is a new and young collection, that has stepped into the realm of agricultural mechanization in the industry with great ideas and noble. Late 2005, the company officially registered and has started working with over 6 years of activity, the collection is relying on the will of God, unity and harmony, new ideas and high impetus, has gained a very long course with the hope to achieve its lofty goals, the movement continues stronger than ever. We will input our will into the path of service in the agricultural industry, do our best and look to a bright future, taking stable steps with the help of the Lord.
Production of more than 30 kinds of high quality agricultural machinery and equipments, design and production machinery with better performance and more and more widely accepted products of the collection, is the proof of our claim.
Khorasan Miner construction industry has managed to correct and improve more than 10 types of equipment and machinery in a short period of its life based on the needs. Meanwhile, the collection has managed to design and produce first type of conservation soil intern for tractors with 65 hp power for the first time in the country with nondescript determination and efforts.
Standard approval of the Agricultural Machinery Testing Center, European product standard, the international standard quality management system and also customer satisfaction system of international standards for products produced in the company are our achievements in order to provide reassurance for the dear farmers. Presenting unique after sales services, to provide relief to farmers, is one of the main features of this collection.
Our iranian products is the result of the young engineers efforts and we are very proud of this country and we thank God who wants us proud and dignified….

ISO-10002-2004 ISO-9001-2008 Certificate